Dutch Marine Service

Dutch Marine Service is owned by Mark van Helden and is specialised in the maritime industry.

We offer a 24-hours service, 7 days a week for the following services at any desired location: general maintenance and (emergency) repairs, workboat rentals,  towage, recovery, survey work, thickness measurement, pre-purchase inspection and 24-hours mobile service on the water.

Phonenumber: 0031-629814455



Thickness Measurement

We perform thickness measurements of structural material of all ships like commercial vessels, yachts, barges and pontoons.

On steel ships we measure the thickness of the hull structure below the water line, pipe work and the feeds. (as well as the other structural elements).

Thickness measurements are carried out by hammering and making use of an ultrasonic testing device. Prior to the ultrasonic measuring, the surface is hammered to establish the weaker spots, which can then be closely examined by using the ultrasonic testing device.

Thickness measurements can be carried out on either the inside or the outside of the ships hull.